We 're All Haitian Family

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We 're all Haitian in my family. It 's not a big family, but we 're happy when we are together. My parents are very strict, I could say that it 's in our culture, but not all Haitian parents are strict. It 's just the way Haitians are. Heritage? I don 't think I have that in my family, except soils, animals like ducks, donkey, cow, and houses my grand-grandfather left before he died, but we don 't care that much. They 're not that important because all they bring is trouble in families. Education has been always priority number one for my mother, and all my life I 've been influenced by a wonderful and lovely person, who has a big role in my going to college pursuing a higher education.
My mom is very strict about education. When I was in Haiti , I used to go to a private school, a Catholic school. That school had a big effect on me. The way I talk to people, the way I dress, the way I see things in life, and I was always the student who didn 't talk in class, respect my teachers and my classmates. Being in a religious school made me the daughter a parent could ever dream of. That 's what my mom told me. Even though my mom only graduated from high school, she makes sure that I go to school every day. I don 't remember missing one day at school, not even once, except when it 's raining which is something we don 't decide. I remember one day I had a fever and a stomach ache, my mother didn 't bother asking me if I was okay going to school. She just told me: " A fever can 't
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