Biography Of John Wayne Gacy Doesn 't Be An Ordinary Family

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A man that was born in what appeared to be an ordinary family, with regular childhood, ended up being a gruesome teenage boy killer. He wasn’t an outstanding student but ended up being a successful business person, due to his flair towards sales. Gacy also played the role of a responsible community member, throwing barbecues for his neighbors and dressing up as a clown. To cheer up sick children in the hospital. So what triggered his desire to kill? Could it be the fact that he adored a father that was a violent alcoholic, who didn’t appreciate to be around people, used to beat young Gacy and call him names? Or can it be due to his numerous failures of going up on the social ladder, which accumulated a lot of frustrations?
Still, John Wayne Gacy didn’t just kill people, he also enjoyed in raping and torturing his victims before performing the murder. He was a violent murderer, who preferred young boys as his victims. It all started in 1972, on the 2nd of January, when he picked up a young 16-year-old boy, called Timothy McCoy, from a bus terminal, and took him on a tour around Chicago. He took the boy to his house, with the promise to take him back the next day to the bus station. According to Gacy’s statements, the killing of this boy may have been accidental. McCoy came from the kitchen, to wake Gacy up, but had a knife in his hand, which made Gacy think he wants to hurt him. Thus, he decided to hurt him instead and ended up killing McCoy. Gacy admitted that he

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