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Richard Dawkins had a concept known as “meme”. Cultural meme was developed as a way of sensationalizing the fact that genes aren’t everything in the world of Darwinism. “A meme can be defined as unit of cultural inheritance which ties into the idea of the replicator the fundamental unit of Darwinism (Brockman, 1995, p. 80).” It can be a place to put fear for the unknown. Gender can be defined as expectations, relationships between, and behaviors fitting to women and men which steam from cultural shaped thoughts and behaviors. Gender is a way to organize the culture, it can be used to describe expected jobs, feelings, and behaviors based on the sex of the individual. In the readings about gender there were a lot of examples of memes. In the Introduction by Bem, she speaks about the history of the western culture and how there are three beliefs about women and men which have triumphed: that they have essentially different psychological and sexual nature, that men are inherently the dominant sex, and that both happen naturally. In regard to Bem’s Lenses of Gender there are two lenses which would fit into the idea of memes. These lenses are: Lens of Androcentrism or male-centeredness, this is when men are treated as human and women are viewed as “other” and the Lens of Gender Polarization during which the male-female difference is overlaid on so many aspects of a society that a cultural linking is created between sex and almost every part of life. Fine’s writing also

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