Essay on Biography of Charles Manson

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Charles Manson was the leader and founder of the cult the Manson Family or The Family, a group of people well known for being serial killers in the late 1960’s. It was believed that they were associated with cult-quasi-religious groups, that came about in the 1960’s and they are still here today. They believe they know what the future of the planet is, when it will end, and how. In a biography of Charles Manson and the Manson Family it said this, “In August 1969 a series of Hollywood murders were to shock the world and tarnish the 60’s free love and peace legacy.”(Biography Channel 2013.) Charles Manson himself never committed any murders with his own hands, but the murders were committed under his order by several of his most obedient …show more content…
Charles Maddox was born November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His mother was Kathleen Maddox, she was a prostitute and an alcoholic, and only 16 years old when she had him. She later married William Manson, who adopted Charles giving him the Manson last name. It was said that his mother once traded him for a pitcher of beer to a woman that couldn’t have children. His uncle had to go track down the women to get him back. Charles spent time in a boy’s school then on the streets doing petty crimes to survive. By 1952 Manson had spent more time in prison than he had out of prison. In Charles Manson probation reports it described him as, “suffering from a marked degree of rejection, instability, psychic trauma, and constantly striving for status and securing some kind of love. Other descriptions included dangerous, unpredictable, and safe only under supervision.”(Biography Channel 2013.) In August of 1969 Manson gathered his group of most loyal family members to do the massacres. The first murder took place August 9, 1969 on Ceilo Drive in Beverly Hills at the home of Roman Polanski’s, and his wife Sharon Tate. The victims of this crime were Sharon Tate, Wojciech Frykowshi his partner Abigail Folger, Jay Sebring. There was also an 18 year old boy a friend of the gardeners who was walking down the driveway when he saw the

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