Biography of Hieronymus Bosch

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Hieronymus Bosch was born at the beginning of the Renaissance just after the end of the Dark Ages. Bosch was born in the netherlandish city of Hertogenbosch. Hertogenbosch is where Bosch got his last name. Bosch lived, grew up and died in Hertogenbosch. He never left the city, it is surprising that his artwork became famous. Bosch came from a family of painters. His father, uncle, and grandfather were all painters, unfortunately none of their works survived.
Bosch joined the Brotherhood of Our Lady, a local religious organization devoted to the Virgin Mary, around 1486. Some of his first commissions came through the Brotherhood ,but unfortunately, none of those works survived. He then married Alety Goyaerts den Meervenne. Her family was wealthy so this union improved Bosch’s social status.
Bosch’s most famous painting is the Garden of Earthly Delight. It has amazing imagery and exaggerations and also contained many vivid scenes. Few painters packed more detail into their work than Hieronymus Bosch. The wings of Bosch’s triptych open to reveal a color filled interior bursting with strange architecture, unnatural landforms, and all types of hybrid creatures. In the main part of the left hand panel, God the Father stands between the naked figures of Adam and Eve, surrounded by various flora and fauna. This is the Garden of Eden, though the scene has a dark side. In the distance, an animal tears at the flesh of his prey. Another one of Bosch’s famous paintings was the Last

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