Biography of James Madison: The Father of the Constitution Essay

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James Madison,widely known as the “Father of the Constitution” was born on March 16,1751 in Port Conway,Virginia. He was born into a wealthy family. His father,James Madison Sir.,gained wealth from inheritance and his mother’s, Kelly Conway, side of the family were also rich as her father made a living by being a tobacco merchant. A surprising fact that,despite coming from a such preposterous family, James was rather ill as a child. Madison was a victim to psychosomatic and as well as stress-induced seizures. These were like a on and off switch throughout his youth days. As result,young James never strayed too far from his mother. Madison was very eager in classical languages and had his head deep into books. He spoke fluently both in…show more content…
When Jefferson became the 3rd President of the U.S., Madison was appointed as Jefferson’s Secretary of State,another example of how close of friends the two are.
The road ahead is full of promises as Madison became a delegate for the Continental Congress in 1780. Fearing that disaster was inevitable if the national government that was formed by the Article of Confederation was not changed, Madison joined the men what were see change at the constitutional convention. After, Madison developed his Virginia Plan and it serves as the foundation for the the Constitution. Then, Madison submitted his plan to Delegate Edmund Randolph. As Madison’s document was being passed around and presented by the states, a team of John Jay,Alexander Hamilton and Madison wrote and published the Federalist Papers. Madison plays an important role. The Federalist Papers were designed to encourage the people voting to approve of his Virginia Plan. It is due to Madison's contribution and hard work that the Constitution was ratified in 1788 and,also, the reason why he is dubbed as the “Father of the Constitution.” However, Madison is an honest man and he dismisses when people call him by the title since it wasn’t just him that made the Constitution happen but a unison of many great and intelligent men. A year later, many people were concerned that the Constitution was going to interfere with individual rights so Madison steps in. To suppress, or rather
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