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I was very interested in finding the history of James Madison. The reason Why I choose James Madison Because I went to visited his college when I was in high school but I got married and move to the tidewater a rea and decide to go to Saintleo.So if you would be a little patient with me you will learn a lot about James Madison. So we are going to look at where he was born and some history about his achievement and some history about his family. I hope you are ready to take a ride with me through the history on James Madison.

I want to give some back ground history on James Madison family. You might ask yourself how did James Madison get here in America or in Virginia? Was he born here? Well, “His great great grandfather John Madison had departed England in the middle of the seventeenth century with the rich soil of Virginia in mind. He sailed between cape Charles and Cape Hennery, entering the Chesapeake Bay with eleven men whose passages he had paid so that he might get “headrights” grants of fifty acres for each of them, as well as one for himself.” (James Madison by Lynne Cheney page 11) So this is how James Madison was born here was due to his great great grandfather. I am so glad that his great great grandfather decides to pick our beautiful state to live i.e. thought that you would like to know that “in 1751 James Madison senior Owned 2,850 acres making him the wealthiest landowner in the county. The great house at Montpelier that would be his son’s home for the…

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