Biography of Joseph Stalin

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Joseph Stalin was given the nickname as the “sphinx of the Kremlin.” Many historians believed that Stalin was the inevitable piece of the puzzle left to complete world peace. In 1939, the British and French were negotiating a compromise with the notorious Russian leader, Stalin, to hopefully reach a mutual defense treaty in order to stop Hitler in his tracks. This meeting of world powers would take place in Moscow, Russia. The compromise talks would fall out because of the suspicions of the Russian and German alliance against the British and French. The Soviet Union, would then shock the universe with a treaty that no one suspected and would scare the world because of its power. This treaty was the nonaggression treaty between Germany and Russia, which was officially signed on August 23, 1939. The astounding pact between Hitler and Stalin meant the Nazi’s in Germany were allowed to go to war with Poland and other western European nations without an attack from the Russians. This gave Hitler a huge relief and safety knowing that he had a world power like Russia on his side. Especially that the Soviet Union was also communist and two communist powers would cause great tension in a war over land. Many Western Europeans and and the United States had hopes that Stalin would be the one take Hitler down from his throne. They also hoped that both communist leaders would die together and their reign would be forgotten but you that would be a miracle. It was clear that this is what

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