Joseph Stalin Facts

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Joseph Stalin was born on December 6, 1878, in a place called Gori, Georgia, a country just south of Russia. Stalin’s childhood was rather rough because he was quite poor to the fault of his parents’ jobs. His father was an alcoholic shoemaker and his mother was a laundress. After reaching the age five, his father left his family to go work in the capital of Georgia, leaving Joseph and his mother to continue on without him. Stalin and his mother moved homes to live with a priest. Another unfortunate occurrence happened when Stalin turned 7, he caught an illness, Smallpox, which made his life harder because it left his skin and face with scars. He also got a blood poisoning which made his right arm longer this his left. Although Stalin’s appearance wasn’t the most handsome, he still received high grades and loved participating extracurricular activities. After Stalin graduated, his mother enrolled in a seminary, Stalin was accepted but was later expelled to the fault of missing his final exams. After being expelled, Stalin joined the Bolshevik Revolutionaries, an underground group who followed Karl Marx's communist writings.…show more content…
Stalin robbed banks, led riots, and committed other serious crimes after being within this group. Soon 1917 came around and the Russian Revolution began and the government was overthrown by Lenin and his Bolshevik tribe was pushed into power. The government’s name was soon changed to the Soviet Union, and their union did not rule with kindness. They believed in running the government frightfully. In 1924, Lenin died due to his health and Stalin took his place as
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