Biography of Loretta Lux

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Loretta Lux grew up in Soviet occupied East Germany. She was raised inside the Berlin Wall that came down when she was 20 years old. A year after the wall came down in 1990 Loretta stared studying paintings and art which she perused until 1996. Three years on and she had started studying photography. In 2004 she had her first solo show in America at the Yossi Milo Gallery, New York. In 2005, Loretta received the Infinity Award for Art from the International Center of Photography. Her work has since been exhibited extensively abroad, including solo exhibitions in 2006 at the Fotomuseum Den Haag, The Netherlands, and the Sixth Moscow Photo biennale. Loretta’s main influences in her art are by painters such as Agnolo Bronzino, Diego Velázquez, and Phillip Otto Runge. In Loretta’s photographs she uses a very soft pastel colour pallet, this gives to us a calm or soothing feel. Most of her photographs are of young children, she says that she likes working with children because they are young, innocent and easier to work with. Loretta makes the children pull a serious face, this makes them look like they have a secret or have been up to mischief. She uses her own clothes from when she was a child and because vintage clothing is coming back this gives the photo a feeling of timelessness. Loretta’s photographs tend to be at eye level making the child look superior. She also strips down the background making the main focus on the child. Loretta’s artworks have been shown in numerous

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