Biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Background- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was one of the Classical Era's most prolific and influential composers. Born in Austria, he composed over 600 musical works symphonies, operas, concerti, chamber music and choral pieces. His father, Leopold was a minor composer but experienced teacher and deputy Kapellmeister to the Archbishop of Salzburg. Wolfgang was brilliant from early childhood, and began to compose for the piano by the age of 5, causing his father to give up composition when he realized how much musical talent his son had. From then on, Leopold was Wolfgang's only teacher and, along with music, tutored his children in languages and basic academics. Between 1762 and 1773 Wolfgang and his family travelled through much of Europe; he and his sister Nannerl performing as child prodigies. During the trip, Wolfgang was exposed to a number of different composers; Johann Christian Bach was of particular influence during a 1765 London visit. The trips were quite hard on all the family because they had to endure poor conditions while they waited for invitations and money from the royals of the time. In 1770, he wrote Mitridate re di Ponto, and then two more operas, Leopold hoping that Wolfgang would get a professional appointment in Italy, but this was not to happen. Between 1773 and 1777 Wolfgang was employed as a court musician by the ruler of Salzburg, during which time he composed five violin concerti and then several piano concerti and other works. As an

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