Charles Lindbergh Sparknotes

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Lindbergh Charles A. Lindbergh was one of the greatest men in aviation history. Lindbergh was always an very out going person. He believed that he was always doing what was best for aviation no matter who he insulted or who he went against. He was a brave man that would often push the limits of his body, technology, and his planes. His goal was to advance aviation. This man did what ever it took because he believed in something greater than himself. The book CHARLES A. LINDBERGH LONE EAGLE gives a very detail description of his life and it helps show how he wanted to advance aviation even if it meant risking his own life. He went to the university of Wisconsin to study mechanical engineering, which he was fascinated with. He was always …show more content…

He saw how advanced Germany was so he wanted the US not to enter WW2 but then people in the US tried to accuse him of being Communist. After the US was bombed he then returned to the US and tried to join the Air force but they wouldn’t allow him. So henry ford called him and fond away for him to be able to fly planes and fight as a civilian with out people knowing. After the war he mainly just taught people how to fly and tried to advance aviation. As an older man he went away from flying and he became and environmentalist and a wildlife preservationist. He died while with his wife at his home and is now berried in Hawaii. Mr. Lindbergh was a hero, as I believe. A hero can mean many different things. Many people can look at someone and say that man is a villain or the man is a hero because they don’t have the whole story and they just jump on the bandwagon. Lindberg was a hero for aviation. He may of not been a US hero but that was not the most important thing to him. His goal was always to advance aviation and to make it more popular. So by that mean he was truly a hero for Aviation. He helped put aviation on the map and he always tried to push the limits. Many believed he was a villain because he fled the US and lived in a foreign country. Several reasons people believed he was a villain were because he toured Nazi air craft, and saw their facilities. He was also awarded a medal from the Nazis for his advancements and help in aviation.

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