Biological And Non Biological Relationships

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Biological or non-biological connections between families in all societies are what form kinships. Whether one has been raised in a biological family or non-biological family, kinship means one is still oriented to the family they have. In a story where two babies were born in the same hospital, they were switched at birth. These two women grew up in non-biological families; nonetheless consider their non-biological family a family as if they were biological kinships. There are many disagreements whether non-biological kinships are actually real families. However, no one tends to dispute any concerns of biological kinships, even though both are of the same classification. While biological kinships are just as important as non-biological and social kinships, there should to be an understanding of why both are equal to one another. In the story Switched at Birth, two little baby girls were born in the same hospital, except they were given to the wrong families, however; forty-three years later they are told whom their biological families are. Martha Miller and Suzan McDonald are the two women in this story. Martha is the McDonald’s biological daughter and Suzan is the Miller’s biological daughter. The two women lived completely different lives with their non-biological kinship families. These two women are told regarding their biological families and find out the characteristics and traits that start to make sense to them about their own qualities. Martha and Suzan are

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