Biological Engineering : Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical engineering involves biological research and engineering principles. Engineers in this field develop devices and procedures to be used in medical and healthcare technology fields. Along with that, engineers work with doctors, therapists, and researchers to develop systems and equipment to solve clinical problems.
To enter this line of work, engineers in biological science must have at least a bachelor's degree in engineering and biology. To get a full time job you must, ideally, have a master's degree and/or Philosophical Doctorate in engineering and biology.
Bioengineering is one of the fastest-growing job categories in the United States. Part of why this is so is because it is one of the highest-paying types of engineering jobs out there. Biomedical engineers earn a median wage of $85,620 per year; $41.16 per hour. However, according to as of July of 2014, the salary range for newly graduated engineers with a bachelor's degree is $35,213 to $64,371, mid-level engineers with a master’s degree and have five to ten years experience is $51,404 to $84,098, and senior engineers with a master’s and/or doctorate degree with more than fifteen years experience earn $82,490 to $112,063.
To study to become a biological engineer, I could attend Washington State University; one of 132 schools that offer biological engineering degrees. After graduating, I could work in manufacturing, universities, hospitals, and research facilities for companies and

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