Biomedical Engineering

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Biomedical engineering, also called bioengineering, is the application of engineering principles to the fields of biology and health care. Bioengineers work with many people in many different fields such as: doctors, therapists, and researchers to develop systems, equipment and devices in order to solve clinical problems. Biomedical engineers can work in many different places such as: hospitals, research facilities of educational, medical institutions, in teaching, and in government regulatory agencies. They often serve a coordinating or interfacing function, using their background in both engineering and medical fields. In industry, they may create designs where an in-depth understanding of living systems and of technology is essential. Biomedical engineering has been around for centuries, may be its even been around for thousands of years. In 2000, a German archeologists discovered a 3,000 year old mummy from Thebes that had a wooden…show more content…
Later development of the micro-integrated circuits and advance battery technology has led to smaller hearing aids that fit entirely within the ear canal and is more comfortable. Some notable figures in the history of biomedical engineering and their contributions include: Forrest Bird who invented the mechanical ventilator. John Charnley inventor of artificial hip replacement. Graeme Clarke creator of cochlear implant. Philip Drinker created the modern respirator also called the "iron lung". Willem Einthoven made the electrocardiograph. Wilson Greatbatch inventor of the internal cardiac pacemaker. Charles Hufnagel created the artificial heart valve. Robert Jarvik made the artificial heart.Willem Johan Kolff invented the kidney dialysis. Rene Laënnec who invented the stethoscope. Michel Mirowski who created the implantable cardioverter defibrillator. Wilhelm Roentgen inventor of
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