Biomedical Sciences-Pre-Pharmacy Degree

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I grew up being told by numerous adults that college was not an option, it was instead a must. Consequently, it has been deeply embedded in my mind that I have to attend college by any mean. It was not until I began my college research that I realized the other side of the issue. A university is not simply an academic institution. Specifically, TAMU-CC will be the bridge between my goals and achievement. My dream career is to become a pharmacist. I plan to register for Biomedical Sciences - Pre-pharmacy degree plan at TAMU-CC. This is a four-year, suggested lab science pathway that will fully prepare me for the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), which I need to take by fall of my senior year in college. At the undergraduate level, this pre-pharmacy course will mostly focus on biology and chemistry in order to lay the groundwork for future pharmacological study. Although the plan is science-heavy, I still need to take certain classes such as Composition, social science courses, and some electives. Even though these courses are not related to my major, they are …show more content…

A university should be a place where students can thrive both academically and spiritually. It is such a miniature society containing diversity and competition, in which I seek to enhance my intellectual mind as well as my soft skills. I also expect to meet harmonious friends, whom will be a fundamental part of my college life, or even the rest of my life. On the other hand, I am also readily prepared to encounter different types of people, which I think would add vibrant colors to my memory. Furthermore, I consider university an opportune atmosphere for self-exploration. I am looking forward to being challenged and reaching the pinnacle in my college career. Besides advanced education, I believe that university life will help me actualize my capacities, discover new interests and unlock hidden

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