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Biopure Case Analysis Group 1, Section B The analysis deals with the Target Markets and their different segments for the two products of Biopure Corporation, namely Oxyglobin and Hemopure. Oxyglobin -­‐ Used as a substitute for blood transfusion in dogs. -­‐ Target market is 30% of all the dog cases coming to veterinary practices suffering from blood loss who would have benefitted from Blood transfusion. Market Segments: 1. Procedures coming under the …show more content…

Therefore, their bargaining power is moderate. -­‐ Threat of Suppliers Bargaining Power: The major raw material required is Bovine blood, sourced from slaughterhouses. The blood would otherwise be discarded earning no revenues. Hence the supplier’s bargaining power is also low. Since 4 out of the 5 Porter’s forces are low with the fifth being moderate, this means that this market is attractive in the long run. Hemopure Target Market: Hemopure aims to become a substitute for blood transfusion from donors in humans. Market Segments: 1. Trauma Cases a. Approximately 500,000 trauma cases every year. b. Only 10% receive blood onsite due to resources required to store and administer blood through traditional methods. c. 30% fatality of trauma victims due to delay in administering RBC’s. The most attractive segment considering the high

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