Bipolar Disorder Essay

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     I have been diagnosed with what is called a Bipolar disorder. For all of

my life I have been moody, so I guess when my I had mood swings my parents chalked it

up to being a teenager. I always knew that it was more than just moodiness, but I had no

idea what was wrong with me.

     When I am in a manic state I feel empowered and clever. In this phase, people

find me very charismatic I also love myself and others and am very creative and

productive. I also make unwise decisions during this phase like investing in one of my

creative ideas which are not realistic.My manic phases can also jump to

irratbility and imparience with others, when I amin this stage of my manic
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I know every method of suicide possible, its a wonder

that i am still alive.

     Fortunately one of my close firends found one of my suicide notes and told my

family and close friends. They talked me into finding help I eventually checked myself into a psychiatric facility because I did not want to go to my home alone. After 4 hours of

filling out insurance papers and talking to people I eventually saw a doctor at this point I

panicked and ignored their advice. I had never checked myself into a facility like this

because I was afraid if everyone saw how crazy I am I would never get out. I have now

realized that the facilities help and do not harm.

     The doctors put me on medications for a while to tes the waters. The firts was

Lithum, a drug that naturally occurs it is a “mood stabilizer” which helps control my

mood swings. They also suggested stronger drugs such as depakote, depacine, depakene

and epilim these are all derivatives of a substance called valproic acids these are called

anti convulsants they help me stay calm.      

     The doctors have given me a self medication regien that will help me control my

moods. They had me change my eating habits. Rather then having my usual samll

breakfast, medium lunch and large dinner they had me eat three meals of

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