Bite: A Case Study Of Dr. Storey In London

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Patient is concerned about her implant work that she recently had completed by Dr Abbot and Dr Storey in London,On. She is not happy with the outcome and sites several issues. She feels her bite is very heavy on her anteriors and states that she told Dr Storey she wanted something done about that at the very beginning of her tx by him. She felt that her concerns were ignored throughout the procedure and felt like Dr Storey was annoyed with her questions. She states that when she told him she wanted something done about it her end to end anterior bite, he said that "its too much work." She stated that during the prosthetic portion, he had her bite down "hard" at several times during the bite adjustment procedure and she feels it has contributed to further bite closing and more pressue on her Mx anteriors. She also feels that there is no "bite" on the implants and doesn't understand why he would make them like that. I attempted to explain the complexity …show more content…

On inspection, it appears to be the titanium abutment below her crowns. The abutments may be stock abutments, I can't be sure. I mentioned that it is common for metal to show on the lingual, but she should discuss this with Dr Storey as well. Pt brought her estimate and her tax receipt from Dr Storey's office. She said she will forward the bill from the oral surgery office that placed the fixtures as well. Pt wanted me to look at the work and give an opinion on what could be done to fix her issues(bite and visible metal). I recommended that she discuss her issues with Dr Storey. She mentioned she has an appointment with him next week. Mx and Mn impressions plus bite registration taken. PT that I will have a look at them and offer what opinion I can. I stressed again that she talk to Dr Storey and be sure she explains exactly what her concerns are about her end to end occlusion and metal

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