Black And White : Victorian Crime Scenes And The Ripper Photographs

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Anwer, M. 2014. Murder in black and white: Victorian crime scenes and the Ripper photographs. Victorian Studies 56.3:433-441 This article focuses on an extensive analysis of the photographs of the Jack the Ripper’s, a 19th century serial killer, victims and how they are taken in a way which wrongs the victims. The author uses many sources to provide evidence for her argument. She has an obvious bias and tries to describe the negative effects of Victorian post-mortem photography on the way the victims are portrayed. This source will be useful because the author presents a different point of view which will help in the understanding of the case. Curtis, L.P. 2001. Jack the Ripper and the London Press. Yale University Press, New Haven, CT. The focus of this book is on the cultural and societal ramifications caused by the way the English press portrayed Jack the Ripper. Though this book does not list theories of who Jack the Ripper may be, it does provide an important portal in time that allows the reader to see first hand the murders of Jack the Ripper through newspaper pieces of that time. It is clear that, like all journalism, the press writers only presented certain graphic information of the murders, often omitting key parts of the mutilations. The book itself, though, does not present much of a bias. The fact remains that these first hand accounts from the late 19th century newspapers are still vitally important in the mysterious Jack the Ripper case. They provide

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