Black Boy White School Book Report

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All characters in the stories truly found themselves through their epiphanies. Most of the stories heavily depended on it throughout the story. Each character had these crucial moments in order to continue growing. Moreover, I interpret having an epiphany as a sudden realization or understanding of an essence or a larger meaning, leading to something impactful. “Black boy White School” by Brian F. Walker was a book that could not have been better if I haven’t read it sooner. I found this book extremely relatable. The book faces issues about race, white privilege, and the dedication to succeed. Anthony Jones is an African- American boy that was raised in East Cleveland where he daily witnessed violence, drugs, and tragedies. So when …show more content…

As if being American will make a difference. Alike Anthony, being American doesn’t matter in racial discrimination. For close-minded racist people it’s a skin color associated with stereotypes. I realized over time that race does truly matter, and white privilege is real. Its something I must face everyday I walk outside, or go into a store, or even just seeing European-Americans in general. I’m taught by society and the media to try to act “white” in order to be successful. Not just “Americanized.” Nonetheless, I haven’t been considerably discriminated against and am lucky to be living in Boston, where diversity is oozing in every block. If I were to be in Anthony’s place all my attached emotions towards this subject would inflame my body with anger. If I attend a private university where it’s homogenous I can almost definitely face these issues. It’s a hidden fear I don’t enjoy thinking about, but what if it happens? What if people treat me less than them? I would probably receive financial aid, and some would probably associate it with my race. It’s a possibility that might and can happen once I finish senior year and attend a

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