Black By Popular Demand, Perception, And Racial Profiling Essay

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Black by Popular Demand “Perception” an editorial cartoon Johnathan Edwards created in 2012, speaks volumes to how black men are stereotyped in America. No matter how much success a black man achieves he will always be viewed as a “thug” in the eyes of society. The editorial cartoon features a young black man with his backpack, iPhone, and soda. The young man is being observed though glasses that see things from a different perspective, not actuality. “Perception” appeals to African American culture. “Perception” was created to draw awareness to stereotyping and racial profiling of black men. It’s time for society wake up and open their eyes as to how black men are perceived. The purpose of “Perception” is to inform society on racial stereotypes and that it continues to plague America.
Only ten words displayed in the image, but it captures the story of every Africa American man in America. In the image viewers see a young black male carrying his backpack, iPhone and drinking a soda. Edwards drew the stereotypical black man with big lips and a big nose. The young man’s pants are sagging and he’s wearing an over-sized T-shirt. He’s standing there minding his business while being thoroughly examined. He’s being observed through lenses that portray black men to be a menace to society. There is a tag attached to the glasses that state “White Vision Glasses”. Another African Americans hand holds up the glasses; viewers can now see his backpack turns into two bags labeled as

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