Black Death In Medieval Europe

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The Black Death
During the Black Death about twenty-five million people died in Europe. The Black Death was a horrible disease that was very deadly. There are many different kinds of beliefs on how the Black Death started. The symptoms on the Black Death were awful. There were many ways people tried to treat the Black Death. How it started
People have many different beliefs on how the Black Death started. Medieval Europe was a very dirty place. In London most buildings were made of wood and between the spaces were filled with reeds covered in plaster. The wood and plaster were perfect hiding places for rats, fleas and many other pests. The streets were very narrow, it would sometimes fit a cart but was mostly wide enough …show more content…

The first two months when someone got the Black Death they got a fever and started spitting up blood, they died in three days. In the last five months of the Black Death the person got a fever, but also got buboes in their armpits and groin, they died in five days. People decided that the first kind of the Black Death was more deadly. Modern scientist believe there was three different kinds of the Black Death. There was a great confusion on how long a patient could live after getting the disease. Sometimes someone would go to bed, apparently healthy and not wake up in the morning. A plague can take three different forms in a human body, bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic. The Black Death was a combination of bubonic and pneumatic. Bubonic is the mildest one, it is named for its characteristics the formation of a buboes. Pneumatic attacks the lungs it is often fatal in three to four days without treatment. The Black Death was very …show more content…

Many people had ideas, but none worked. The first thing people tried was they closed up the house to stop the spreading. They thought bathing was dangerous because it opened up their pores to the disease. Instead of bathing the wealthy rubbed their skin with cologne to conceal the smell. The less fortunate washed their faces and bodies in vinegar. They believed movement or exercise put more air into your body so you breathed in the poison. So it was recommended that you should not move very much if you needed to move you should very slowly. They also believed that losing blood known as bloodletting would cure someone. That also did not work. Another thing they would try was they would throw sulfur, arsenic, and antimony into their fireplaces, it might have helped. They would also use pills of aloe , myrrh, and saffron, they were also a popular treatment. Gentile da Foligno suggested using powdered emerald as a

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