Essay about Black Hearts Brigade by Jim Frederick

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The story of the Black Hearts Brigade, told by Jim Frederick, starts out with the 1st Battalion of the 502nd Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division in the summer of 2005. The author starts with a brief chapter of the events that unfolded when four soldiers of this battalion went to a house, raped a girl and killed her and her family. In the first part of the book Frederick explains the grand strategy the US was taking in Iraq at the time, the history of the area named the triangle of death, and how the 1-502nd did in their pre-deployment training. The main focus in Iraq at the time was getting south Baghdad under control. South Baghdad, otherwise known as the triangle of death, had a very rich history due to its location (right …show more content…

First contact actually came from the Alamo. First contact really showed the soldiers the seriousness of their situation. As the soldiers started to fortify their positions, grooming standards dropped which caused strife between battalion, company and platoon level leadership.
In the next part of the book Frederick talks about continued strife between all levels of leadership and the establishment of the TCPs. There were 6 TCPs, or tactical control points, in the AO. The TCPs went against mostly everything the army trains for by doctrine. They were sparsely manned, fixed positions that the men felt more vulnerable at than anything. They would continue to be the center of many issues that arise in the future of their deployment. With the TCPs adding more friction in the battalion relationship communication lines got more and more strained. Conflict between the company commanders and the battalion commander during garrison time was ten times as worse during wartime. Kunk and the company commanders continued to create a gap in their relationship that led to very unfavorable operating positions for future operations.
The next part of the book detailed a very sharp decline in the morale and unit cohesion of Bravo Company, but primarily first platoon. The death of Nelson and Casica was the first. Nelson and Casica died when a shooter opened fire on a TCP with a 9mm at

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