Bravo Company in Black Hearts by Jim Frederick Essay

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Black Hearts was about the 2005-2006 deployment of the 101st‘s second brigade‘s 1-502nd (First Strike) to Iraq. The book more specifically honed in on Bravo Company and their first platoon’s decent into complete madness throughout the deployment. The 1-502nd and its commander Lt Col Kunk, was tasked with the mission of getting control of and hold the land in-between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Kunk was a particularly difficult man to get along with. He would explode and go on a tirade over just about anything, big or small. This caused serious problems at meetings when he only wanted things his way and would personally attack his commanders who he thought he could not trust. This area had been recently dubbed as the “Triangle of …show more content…

This cause the men to get a lot less time to relax, taking 8 or more hour guard shifts. The redundant, mundane task of manning the TCPs would make the soldiers restless, tired and complacent; an extremely dangerous combination when in a combat zone. The TCPs would cause a lot of problems throughout the entire deployment. The first catastrophe to hit Bravo Company, and 1st platoon in particular, was the deaths of SSG Nelson and SGT Casica from 3rd SQD. They were both shot point blank while trying to talk to a familiar civilian that they had spoken to previously while manning a TCP. This was the start of the downward spiral that 1st platoon went through during the deployment. Continuing after this incident, the company was still spread very thin, having too many tasks and not enough people. Having to go out on a 20-hour mission and then have to go back out right after you get to the FOB hoping for a bit of relaxing time was a serious moral killer. This didn’t not help the fact that 1st platoon already had been taking out bottled anger and remorse for their lost comrades out on insurgent and civilian alike. To them they were all the enemy. The next big blow the 1st platoon was the deaths of 1LT Britt and SPC Lopez. During a routine IED sweep of route sportster, 1LT Britt and his men were taking contact from mortar fire and one remotely launched RPG from across the canal the paralleled the road. Once the fire had stopped 1LT Britt

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