Black Life Matter Analysis : Black Lives Matter

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DOC 100 Ziyun Zou
Oct. 24, 2015
Black Lives Matter Analysis “Black Lives Matter”, the movement against judicial injustice and police brutality that particularly against African Americans, has drawn great public attention. As indicated in the recent years, “over half of the people who being killed by police brutality were African Americans or Latino” (Nazgol Ghandnoosh). Therefore, African Americans launched the movement fighting for their human rights and real legal justice regardless of race. To support the movement, a student hold a poster in the UCSD campus parade calling for Asian Americans’ participation and support: “Our black brothers and sisters bore the burden for us so that most of us and our families can be here. It’s …show more content…

In present years, police impacted by racial bias on their daily enforcement that usually inequitably suspected blacks of a crime. For instance, “blacks were twice likely as whites to be arrested during a traffic stop.” (Nazgol). Racial discrimination in the criminal justice system caused injustice judgment towards African Americans and death of innocent these victims. Lives of all the races should be weighted equally as humans. Nobody’s life should be unequally taken by judicial injustice. Therefore, the first reasons for calling for participation is to defend for judicial justice for African American, or even, human rights.
The second reason was drawing government’s attention and enforce them to act. If people don’t participate and act, the ingrained phenomenon of discrimination could never be improved but happens repeatedly. In other words, launching and supporting the movement is necessary for establishing new rules and improving the phenomena of racial discrimination, in both of legal system and society. An example that demonstrates this point is the response to necessity of Freedom Rides from “Mississippi freedom school curriculum”: the government and Supreme Court won’t do anything unless people has been moved showing their defense and enforce them to perform their duties. Hence, the student called for participation and support for the movement in order to bring up the serious issue more

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