Black Lives Matter Is A Movement Of The United States Essay

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Black lives matter is a movement that started after Trayvon Martin was murdered. George Zimmerman was the man who shot Trayvon, and George was found innocent. The movement sparked from this event and continued to grow as more and more events like the Trayvon Martin killing began to surface. The purpose of this movement is to end police brutality and racism against black men and women (Black Lives Matter, 2016). Police brutality is a major issue in the United States. Over the last few years, the media has brought more attention to this brutality than ever before. Many races believe that they are being targeted by police more often than others particularly black men. The media has brought so much attention to these crimes that people have formed organizations like Black lives matter, and people have started protesting after the events. Many people believe that all cops are racist, there are no good cops anymore, but that is simply not true. Police have a very hard job to do, and sometimes a few bad seeds can give an entire organization a bad reputation. Because of these peoples beliefs, many protests have occurred. Several of these protest have turned violent and became riots. These riots are hurting the communities physically and financially. During these riots, states bring in more police so that they can protect their citizens, but because people are so upset over this more innocent people are being killed. It doesn’t matter if a person is black, white, hispanic or asian,

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