Black Men Should Not Be A Non Perfect Society

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They may never get the satisfaction wanted because perfect equality cannot exist in a non-perfect society. Every human mind thinks something different so equality in one’s mind may not be equality in anothers. In all reality, women are physically different than men which many times, inevitably determines our different role in society. It is up to each individual woman to decide whether she wants to be a working mother, which often does not allow the same kind of rigor as a childless woman, or a working machine.
This is the same with the whole Black Lives Matter Movement. According to the law, we are equal, but the way society treats blacks shows that they indeed are treated differently. Because of the stereotype that blacks can potentially be more dangerous, they can in many cases be treated with more caution or disrespect. We have seen many cases of this with police brutality and abuse of power. In fact, in Massachusetts, supreme court says it is completely reasonable for black men to flee from police forces. A black man in a specific crime setting may look more suspicious than if a white man were in the same situation. Because of this bias against blacks, it has become “reasonable for a black man to flee.”
I think many times we underestimate the black community. School systems in areas with large black populations are failing. The educational system and the overall culture of the individual schools are not good. There happens to be more violence at schools with bigger…
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