Black Storm Comin’ by Diane Lee Wilson

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They were on a wagon train heading to California when Colton’s father accidentally shot him and galloped away, leaving Colton wounded and hurt. Colton has to provide for his family while moving west towards California when his father abandons them. In order for him to be able to provide for them, he must join the Pony Express, which delivers mail through rough and dangerous trails through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There are several symbols in this book that symbolize freedom. One example is the flying hawk in the sky. Another exemplar is the drawer that contains the clothing and memories of the Pony Express rider that is missing. The golden coins also personify the freedom they covet they had.
The flying hawk in the sky conveys the yearning he endures for freedom. They travel through rocky trails when a hawk lands on his shoulder. It soars through the sky and Colton stares at it in awe. For instance, he stares at the hawk while thinking, “He owned his world, he seemed to be telling me. Owned it! Soared above it and over it, came and went as he pleased,”(p.31). Colton wants to be free and when he ogles at the hawks freedom, he dreams of having the same experience. He wants to be able to soar above everyone and fly. He feels that freedom is like taking flight because when fleeing, he feels this rushing sensation,…
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