Black Youth And Its Impact On Our Society

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Introduction As our nation heads towards a united stand to build better relationships with other countries and build a united front with people of different backgrounds, religions and races, we are shocked to by the fact that there are still extreme prejudices and injustices within our own communities. We are shocked that a large portion of our black youth from disadvantaged families are not reaping the benefits of our society. Or they are simply unable to because they are unaware of the opportunities and they are not available to them. Unfortunately, there are a lack of programs in our communities that pushes the advancement of our youth. The programs that are available are either for profit or riddled with other agendas. Today we see more black youth unable to compete at national levels through education, involved in crimes and forgotten than any other minority. Our community has collectively forgotten about them only believing that if they themselves can succeed than that is all that matters. Our plan is to stop this and create a program that will enable our youth to have a better future. Why this is an Issue: Problems and Statistics faced by Black families Racial inequality and structural inequality has led our communities into a downward spiral. The economic crisis has not helped the situation either. It has pushed families further and further into poverty, homelessness and despair. During a time that we are trying to show the world that we are united it is shown

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