Blackfish Ethics

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The wellbeing of orcas kept at SeaWorld has raised a few eyebrows over the years. Individuals soon began to question if keeping these mammals away from their natural habitat was ethical. Many people think the orcas living in the amusement park have become accustom to these harmless living styles. The animal activist that stand behind Blackfish assume the orca living conditions place a danger on them, as well as society. Blackfish and SeaWorld argue about the effects captivity has on the physical and mental health of the whales as well as the safety of humans who interact with them. In the documentary Blackfish, marine biologist state that keeping large mammals in small, unhealthy closures will lack the miles of exercise they’re use to in the ocean. Several years ago, a tragic death occurred, resulting in a group of orcas killing another orca. The followers of Blackfish assume …show more content…

A number of marine biologists believe the lives of SeaWorld trainers are at risk every day working with the animal’s unpredictable behaviors. No one will know when an orca will unexpectedly take another individual’s life working at SeaWorld. A trainer must have the proper amount of knowledge and skill before going into the waters with a wild animal such as an orca. SeaWorld affirms to the public that their trainers are highly instructed if an incident were to ever occur. Blackfish’s main concern is the health of the captive whales, and the safety of trainers associated with them. SeaWorld, on the other hand, wants to show the public how well their trainers treat the orcas in their facilities. Blackfish strides to show what SeaWorld is failing to show to the public eye. A mentally and physically healthy orca can keep a trainer from perishing by eliminating danger. Each side wishes their audience to view how the lifestyle of the orcas affects them physically and

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