Blacks : The Toys Of Police Officers

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Blacks: The Toys of Police Officers

Justice is defined as rules that should be applied regardless of your race, ethnicity, and religion.

The criminal justice system has always been harsh and unfair toward Black people. Even though

slavery was abolished, Black people are seen as the lowest race in the U.S which is totally

abnormal. A lot of Black People were killed, but Justice has been mute and blind against Black people.

Black Americans cannot walk freely in the streets without fearing that they will be the next target of

police officers Black American are being oppressed by both Whites and police officers. There is no

justice in the U.S for Black people because they are humiliated, tortured, and killed by police who are

acquitted of their crimes.

Freddie Gray’s case is the first example that Black Americans are being tortured, and killed by

police officers. The United States of America was built by Black slaves, so it is senseless for the

government to kill them for just no reason. Even though this country was built on their backs, and their

blood fertilizers of the entire country, they are still enduring discrimination. Gray was one of the victims

of racism that died in the police custody. His skin’s color was the reason of Gray’s death.

. Being Black was a mistake, so the whole police department consider them as their principal target.

They freely tortured and walk away with no punishment . Gray died in the police custody with pains

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