Gender Issues In Blade Runner

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Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, is set in Los Angeles, California in the year 2019. The city is very dark and over-populated by different racial groups. During this time, a company called Tyrell Corporation created artificial humans called Replicants. They were created with the best human qualities except they are not humans at all. The Replicants are given a life span of four years, in hopes that they do not obtain emotional qualities and desires. The movie focuses on a group of Replicants who realized that they deserved more than what they were created for. They escaped from an “off-world” and returned to Earth hoping to find Tyrell, their creator to make him expand their four-year life span. Replicants were forbidden on Earth because of …show more content…

Gender is not passively scripted on the body, and neither is it determined by nature, language, the symbolic, or the overwhelming history of patriarchy. Gender is what we put on, invariably, under constraint, daily and incessantly, with anxiety and pleasure…” (Rivkin pg. 910). Society on the other hand creates “laws” for each one of us to follow. These “laws” prohibit an individual from stepping outside of their designated “gender role”. The minute an individual is born, their body is inscribed with gender norms whether the person likes it or not. For example, if you are born female you must act like how society views a female. You must be elegant and graceful doing things women are supposed to do like dancing and doing house chores. As for men, they are given the roles to be more masculine, like working on cars, carpentry, basketball, etc. Social sanctions and taboos are the result when an individual violates their social norms. “As a strategy of survival, gender is a performance with punitive consequences” (Rivkin pg. 900). This means that society will be the one to judge and punish you for not following the norms. Performing the act the way an individual wants to is viewed as resistance, therefore it is looked down upon by the society. Blade Runner has a very distinct binary of man and woman. There is a hierarchy of men being the controlling and superior while women act as their object. The men are also the

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