Bleeding Green and White

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The history of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte started back on September 23, 1946. A woman by the name of Bonnie Ethel Cone founded UNCC on that date. The size of the school has grown since 1946 and there is no religious affiliation to this college, students may practice what they please, and when. UNCC does have a mascot, his name is Norm the Niner. UNCC has a pleasant environment. Typical classes are not an intimidating size, being usually a 19:1 student-faculty ratio and a 48% female and a 52% male population. Ethnicity is somewhat diverse having a 21.7% racial student minority. UNCC is a Co-educational school and has always been. UNCC is ranked #201 among the national best schools and is a 4 year college having an urban setting and being in the large city of Charlotte, NC and around heavy traffic at different points of the day. Applying to UNCC and getting in aren’t very difficult, whoever applies, applies the same way and has the same application fee, but only 68.5% of applicants are accepted which makes it a “moderately hard” school to get into. The student applying must have a 2.0 GPA or higher to be considered. The application deadline is July 1 of the current year. ACT and SAT scores are required upon applying. Said student must achieve a minimum of a 555 on his or her Math, a 531 in his or her Reading and a 519 in his or her writing. For the ACT, he or she must achieve a minimum of 23. Expenses of UNCC after the student has been

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