Bless Me, Ultima By Rudolfo Anaya

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Bless Me, Ultima
Topic 5

Nasir Jeremiah
Ap Literature
Mr. Amoroso

Is a person anything more than a summation of the people around them? If so, can anyone truly call their lives their own? In the novel, Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya many questions like this are brought to the reader as they plunge into the story of a young boy named Antonio and the beginning of his journey to find his way.Two major influences on this journey are his parents Maria and Gabriel. Despite being married they have completely different views of the world, one who finds happiness in freedom and the other in stability. The parents’ influence doesn 't stop at Antonio however, it only continues to get involved with his brothers. Conversely Theresa and Deborah the daughters of Maria and Gabriel who are relatively ignored by the parents throughout the whole book. The identities and relationship of the family is formed through this dynamic. Maria is a religious mother of six who throughout the book she is very close minded and unwilling to change her plans or way of life no matter the influence. Maria is a member of the Luna, a family of religious farmers and as such she wants Antonio to become the next educated priest to guide the Luna in the future. She finds comfort in the steady life of farming and finds her husband 's ideals to be idiotic and unrealistic. When arguing about their land, Gabriel sees it as a symbol of freedom but Maria says in retort “It is worthless! Look
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