Blind Spots Gave Me An Insight Into My Own Self Perceived Vision Of Ethics

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Reading Blind Spots gave me an insight into my own self perceived vision of ethics. What I mean by this is, the text opened my eyes to bounded ethicality and how every day I am faced, without always knowing, with ethical dilemmas and decisions. The book introduced me to various patterns in bounded ethicality, revealing what these obstacles are while also giving assistance on how to go about identifying and correcting these sometimes-unknown ethical situations. Two patterns that I will focus on from the text include, the two systems of decision making and the “want self” and “should self” of ethical thinking. These patterns helped in enlightening my perception towards bounded ethicality and how to overcome ethical obstacles that lay ahead. …show more content…

My career choice is practicing law, which may require System 1 or System 2 thinking. However, it is the situation and personal preference that dictates how these systems will be used. My future career choice is to become a Judge and deal with constitutional law. It is no mystery that judges are faced with ethical decisions daily. I expect many challenges in the future, ranging from how to interpret the constitution, to ruling a court case that requires sometimes questionable thinking. Examples of such situations include firearm regulations, religion, and freedom of speech. In my experience, the constitution is vague, which allows many decisions the opportunity to be overturned and leaving questions unanswered. When considering for instance, a case that focuses on limiting speech on college campuses, which is a situation that I might be faced with, using system two may be the best option. Taking time to consider the situations, thinking logically and explicitly about the right way to judge the situation. Free speech is a highly-debated topic and differs almost from every campus. To be the final arbiter of law for speech on college campuses, the situation may call for System 2 thinking, where I am slow to coming up with a decision and make an effortful attempt at deciding the best answer.
Being a judge of the United States Constitution would mean I have a part in deciding the highest

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