Blockbuster History Films Essay

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History films have often been criticised by academics and journalists as inaccurate depictions of the past. Yet there is no denying the fact that blockbuster history films are increasingly influential in shaping our understanding of historical people and events thanks to the accessibility of the medium. Producers of these films often take liberties with facts to tell a more dramatic, engaging and entertaining story. They have a basis in truth but are greatly influenced by the writers’ and directors’ desire to envelop the audience in the story and to entertain. They focus the visual and auditory senses of the viewer on the subject being studied creating a stimulating and forceful impact on the viewer, therefore engaging their interest. Popular films have undoubtedly increased interest in history and many historical feature films contain much accurate information about the period in which the film is set and portraying the events which took place in vivid detail; something which no text book can achieve. For this reason historical films are extremely valuable as they open up the past to the masses.
The Patriot (2000) is a dramatic and affectionate film depicting a determined man’s quest to defeat British forces during the Revolutionary war with the assistance of his local militia. According to historian David Horowitz, The Patriot, he writes, “reassembles the elements of the national myth into a powerful homage to liberty and to the American colonists who gave their lives,…