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I use to bring Thanksgiving dinner to the employees at my local Blockbuster. To me, those people had always been apart of my family. My mom and I brought them dinner, and they were sure to waive our late fees. Each evening my mother and I strolled into Blockbuster in hopes of finding the perfect movie, we became apart of a rare breed known as the video store regulars. So, consequently in middle school when my Blockbuster closed I cried as if my world was ending.
I cried not only because that meant I had to say goodbye to people who I had grown to love as my own family, but because I feared what that meant for my growing archive of film knowledge. Blockbuster supplied me with an amply supply of flicks that worked for any occasion in my life. When things got tough I watched a movie: I transported
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I wanted not only to watch films, but to learn about them. I wanted to surround myself with film, I wanted to read about it, write about it, hear about it. I had this craving to apply these onscreen visions to my everyday life, and slowing I began to do so. I began to read magazines like Variety and Entertainment Weekly where I tried to understand their views on cinema and what made a movie a hit or miss. Soon I found myself critiquing everyone movie I sat down and watched. I traveled back in time and transported myself to the world of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, in hopes that their movies would show the foundation of cinema that seemed to be hidden by all the glitz and glam of today's Hollywood. I opened up to different genres of film and found some of my favorite movies to be of the foreign film category. I based many school projects on the history of cinema such as Hollywood’s Effect on The Great Depression, or the importance of Cult Classic films. Pretty quickly I realized my archive of film knowledge surpassed anything Blockbuster ever would have been capable
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