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Even though a vast majority of us wish that it was possible to turn back the hands of time and change or rewrite history. However, the truth of the matter is that we simply cannot. Everything happens for a reason, and we should learn to accept it. Accept it for what it is, rather than what we would like it to be.      However, to often in Hollywood the city of glamour and glitz, fortune and fame, movie producers have a tendency and even feel at liberty to rewrite American history. In my opinion this is all done out of greed. The movie industry, is all about money, therefore producers are obligated to do whatever it takes to keep it rolling into theatre box offices across the country. Producers know that people…show more content…
They look to movies as an escape from reality.      It seems to me that, producers take a chunk of our history and rearrange it to satisfy and appeal to the interest of today’s audience. I now know that we the American audience are very gullible indeed. Let’s take the story of Titanic for instance. It wasn’t until just recently that the tale of the doomed ship was made into a three hour, Hollywood film, becoming the #1 grossing movie of all time. It was this movie that caused people to become astonished and even obsessed with Titanic.      Sure, we have all heard about the historic tale. After all it is a part of our past, a part of our history. No one really acknowledged it or even cared until Hollywood took the tragic tale and turned it into a classic love story. It is a story full of adventure, romance and suspense, all of the qualities that make a great movie. It seems that people, more now than ever are convinced that the romance between a woman named Rose, and a man named Jack actually occurred. Whether or not it actually happened remains relevant, however at this point anything is possible. We have no way of actually knowing what happened, because many of the survivors have passed away, so we know only what we read or what Hollywood seems to throw our way. Titanic is just one of the historic stories that Hollywood, has twisted and changed to make us

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