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Holding each other for comfort as they watch their brother fallI in what is now known as Antarctica, in Rannoch lived three very prosperous city's. Thessia led by Mira, was mainly consisted of women and was the main source of most of the fruits, vegetables fish and philosophers for Rannoch, Sur'Kesh led by Mordin provided doctors, architects and scientist. The last city which was the smallest but also the most important to the Rannarcks was Tuchanka led by Victus, warriors and hunters in charge of protecting and defending Rannoch. Rannoch had the lushes green land and was home to some of thee most exotic animals known to man. In the forbidden zone of Rannoach lived some of the most dangerous creatures, that was capable of destroying a …show more content…

we can provided shelter but that’s about it. I'm sorry Primarch." Mira said sympathetically. unamused by the Matriarchs words, Victus boasted with both pride and anger "Ha! Shelter? My people are the only reason both of your cities are safe. We don't need your shelter. But." Victus paused for a dramatic effect "I will say this if we don't get more land I will take my people and we will go to the north ourselves." Victus left abruptly before either council member could object to his demands. Out side the council room he found his right hand man. "Sir" Anderson saluted. "Lieutenant" Victus returned salute as they proceeded down the corridor. "How did it go sir?" Anderson asked. "Same as before they aren't going to expand northward." Victus said frustrated "So what now. We can't take too much of this and each sun cycle is getting worse. Our men want results other are suggesting that we go to war and take their land by force." Even though the thought came across his mind multiple of times,

Victus always tried to find other alternatives then war against his neighboring cities.Victus stopped Anderson. "We are not going to go to war with Thessia and Sur'Kesh." pausing for a moment but before he could continue Anderson brags. "You know just as

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