Bloxem Anti Mite Mattress Research Paper

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The solution? Bloxem® anti-mite mattress covers and pillow cases help reduce allergy symptoms associated with dust mite infestation. The special fabric’s tightly crafted pores don’t allow microscopic mites to enter your mattress, nest, and breed. Your family enjoys a more peaceful night’s rest. And they’re so affordable: Bloxem anti-mite mattress covers are just $60, and pillow cases are less than $10 each. They’re available from dozens of fine Internet retailers.
Fact: Your dog could be the next victim of the horrible groomer’s noose! This hangman-like contraption is designed to keep Fluffy on the table while she’s getting her haircut. It’s perfectly safe—that is, if she doesn’t step off the edge! One wrong step and she’d snap her neck
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Whether it’s selling a loaf of bread, which hardly seems scary
(until you show them studies reporting that refined white flour may cause cancer), or painting a picture of doom and gloom about the insidious nature of odorless carbon monoxide creeping through air conditioning vents and wiping out their family (while they’re sleeping safely in a hotel on a business trip), properly constructed, fear can move people to spend.
But why does it work? In a word: stress. Fear causes stress. And stress causes the desire to do something. Missing a big sale causes the stress of loss. Choosing the right tires can cause the stress of concern for personal safety. Not opting for the side-curtain airbags in your new car causes the stress of future regret and visions of physical injury. Fear suggests loss. Fear paints a picture of necessary response. It tells your prospect that he or she will be somehow damaged. This threatens the ego’s continuous quest for self-preservation. Therefore, the threat of being damaged is insidious and powerful.
Can you use it for your products and services? Yes...if your product offers the appropriate solution for a fearful situation. But is it

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