Blue Balloon Analysis

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Blue Balloons


One Wife Sees Blue Balloons at Her Gender Reveal Party, But Her Husband Drops a Shocking Bombshell.


Like many parents, Barbara and Troy wanted to keep their baby's gender a secret until the gender reveal party. They revealed the gender of their baby at a party by releasing a bunch of blue balloons. What Barbara did not know was that her husband was hiding a shocking secrete from everyone.


Barbara and Troy got married five years ago. While they wanted to have a child right away, they were never blessed with a little bundle of joy. Barbara worked as a teacher and loved being around children. Each day, her students only reminded her of the child that they could not have. Troy worked as a restaurant manager, but money was tight at home.

While the couple could not afford to have a child, they wanted to start a family together. They put aside as much money as possible to prepare for the birth of a child. Still, they could not seem to get pregnant. Finally, they decided to go to the doctor after three years of trying. They hoped that the doctor would give them good news, but he ending up telling them the worst thing that they could imagine.

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After an entire day of tests, Barbara and Troy were finally given the awful news. Despite all of their dreams of having a child, they would not be able to have one naturally. The doctor told them that they could try IVF treatments. If

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