Wortress: A Short Story

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Darell and a girl named Wortress. One day when Darell went to school. He saw a girl and all of her books were all over the ground. He said
“Can I help you?”.
Once they were all done with picking up the books, they headed to class. The next day, they saw each other once again. Wortress wanted to know if he wanted to hang out sometime, and he said
So the next day Wortress came over to Darrell's house . When Darrell's parents meet Wortress and they said
“Get out of our house NOW!”
So Wortress left and went back to her house. The next day at school, Wortress asked if Darell could come over to her house and Darell said
So that afternoon, Darell came over to Wortress house and meet …show more content…

The day after that day,they had a plan. They would tell their parents that they wanted to go out for dinner at the same place as the other family was going. So that night when they went out for dinner, Darell and Wortress saw each other again. Darell and Wortress introduced their families. They started to exchange words. Then the big fight was on a roll.
The fight lasted for a few minutes. Darell and Wortress finally got out of the mob of people. They ran outside of the restaurant, they then decided to run away, far away. Once the big fight ended, they turned away from each other and realized that Darell and Wortress were gone! They started to yell at each other, then suddenly a small voice said that
“We need to team up and find our children”,
While the families were making a plan to find their children, Darell and Wortress were at least 50 miles away on the top of Eiffel tower, Darell said
“I think this is a great place to …show more content…

They got married after a couple of weeks. The wedding went on for a couple of hours. Then they all had dinner and it was great. Darell had some salmon and Wortress had some steak with mashed potatoes. After the dinner was over everyone went home and started to talk and then out of nowhere Wortress said that they were going to have a baby. Everyone gasped, it was silent for a minute then a small voice said “Good for you!
They were going to have the baby next week. They were very excited about the baby coming. Wortress was in the hospital for a few days before the baby was coming. The next week when the baby was coming Wortress was getting taken care of and Darell was home unaware of what was happening.
Darell finally got a call saying that the baby had came. He rushed to the hospital and when he got there he called their families and they rushed to the hospital. Once everyone got there, they had to wait because the baby was coming right at this minute. There was a bit of a long wait but it was worth it. It was about a few minutes later that they were able to see Wortress and she was holding her beautiful baby in her

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