What Happens To The Blue Lawn In The Great Gatsby

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This passage causes you as a reader to reflect on Gatsby’s misfortunes. It begins, “He had come a long way in to his blue lawn…” Nick is reflecting on how far Gatsby has come and how he has been determined to reach his dreams. In reference to the blue lawn, I think this refers to Gatsby’s quest for the American Dream. The blue lawn is referring to Gatsby’s lawn at his home. He has become wealthy and has a huge mansion with a nice lawn and garden but he still is not happy. He throws lavish parties and lives the life of the wealthy. His acquirement of wealth is a part of the American Dream. He has the house with a picket fence and manicured lawn but doesn’t have love. He does not have the complete American Dream because he does not have …show more content…

62) Gatsby even asked Nick for his help to put him and Daisy in the same room together earlier in the novel. Nick agrees and eventually an affair ensues between Gatsby and married Daisy. This alone depicts exactly what Nick means when he speaks about how close Gatsby was to his dream and how it was almost impossible for him not to achieve it. He somewhat has won Daisy over by throwing his wealth in her face every chance he had. However, Daisy was already used to the lifestyle that Gatsby just newly acquired. This realization speaks through the next portion of the passage. “He did not know that it was already behind him, somewhere back in that vast obscurity beyond the city” (pg. 180). His dream of winning Daisy back is trapped in the past because she is now married to Tom. Gatsby fails to accept the fact that times change and so do people. Daisy was not the same person he knew all those years ago. I’ve been everywhere and seen everything and done everything” (pg. 22). Living lavishly was not new for Daisy like it was for Daisy. She had traveled the world and done everything she wanted to do so nothing really excited her anymore. Despite her love for Gatsby, Daisy decides to stay with tom when Gatsby demands she tell her husband she never loved him. Her decision shows that Gatsby’s dream of winning Daisy’s love back was indeed in the past. The icing is put on the cake when Tom exposes Gatsby for

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