Bob Whitley V. Skyfixter

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Bob Whitley stood in front of his bathroom mirror and adjusted his red tie. He had to look neat, trim and proper; for he had to deliver a public speech at the local town hall in 3 hours. It was a pleasant Tuesday afternoon, and the weather felt just fine, and Bob wanted to look sharp. In 3 hours, he would not only deliver a well-prepared speech but he also would have to answer any questions from some concerned citizens. After all, Bob Whitley had been elected the local State Representative 3 years ago. As State representative, Bob's duties were not just passing bills into law, but also included meeting with people he represented: Teachers, citizens, the police, local businesspeople, blue-collar workers, and so on. It was quite a …show more content…

People might get even sicker or heaven forbid - die. But Skyfixter would do the best it could to provide a safe environment. After all, these new chemicals would be scientifically innovative, reap more profits and even provide more jobs. Bob would sometimes feel a little guilty about all of this. What if the chemicals would be too dangerous? Bob didn't want to be responsible for people getting sick - or worse. But Bob had 3 kids and a beautiful wife. He and his family had been used to the good life, and none of them really wished to lower their value of living. Life was good for Bob and his family, and now it was going to get even better. Much better. Bob and his family would enjoy a wonderful life and not have to worry about anything, anymore. Bob looked at his front lawn and saw his limousine driver pull up in his driveway. As Bob got up and picked up his briefcase and papers, he told himself that everything would be fine. Just do what the Skyfixter officials have asked you to do. Go by their instructions, and they will take care of the rest. Don't worry about the dangerous chemicals, Skyfixter has got that covered, and they've done it many times before. They know what they're doing and

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