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Bob Zmuda is the quintessetnial sleazy Z-list celebrity willing to do whatever it takes to keep their name in the spotlight. Zmuda, who was never really that famous to begin with, achieved some degree of notoriety writing for Andy Kaufman, the now beloved prankster who passed away in 1984 after a much-publicized battle with cancer. Because of Kaufman’s penchant for blurring reality with fantasy, many of his most loyal fans doubted the entertainer’s demise, and Zmuda, smelling a payday, took full advantage of their inability to come to terms with their hero’s death.

Since Kaufman’s death over three decades ago, Bob Zmuda has written numerous books and has appeared on countless podcasts, always offering a new explanation as to how …show more content…

Sinbad’s most memorable recent gig - and perhaps the most memorable gig of his entire career - saw him appear as himself in an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Throughout the episode Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life, Sinbad is portrayed as a total lunatic who is confined to a psychiatric hospital and is so desperate for attention that he burns holes in his hands to create Christ-like …show more content…

In fact, to this day I get chills when I listen to that album, so I’m sure you can imagine how disappointed I am with the Hollywood shill Ice Cube has become since the rise of N.W.A. Today, Ice Cube, who once rapped about the ills of society and protested police brutality and consumerism, can be seen reducing himself to portraying a stereotypical street thug in virtually every film he appears in. It seems that whether Cube is playing the role of a teacher or a police chief, he is willing to turn the character into a hooligan former gang member in order to get some cheap laughs and a ton of

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