The Legacy of NWA Essay

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During the 80s a controversial group of rappers came together and changed the game of Hip Hop for generations to come. Niggas with Attitude, otherwise known as N.W.A, was comprised of the rappers; Ice Cube, MC Ren, Easy E, Yella, and Dr. Dre. Theses rappers spoke the truth about life in the streets; the hustling, the trapping, the sexual encounters, the gang life, and the most important, the racism. They shined a light on these issues in a violent, sexually explicit, yet intelligent and revolutionary way. The Facebook page, *N.W.A* creates an environment that connects people of all races, backgrounds, and ages; with the goal of immortalizing, and spreading the original message of the group. How does one pay homage to such a…show more content…
This album is revolutionary, just like all the best art has always been; revealing the truth.”(Post 2) This portrays the true purpose of this page, to bring together different races and age group with music while showing appreciate to the group that brought light to an important issue. From her comment one can only assume that this lady was never a witness to any form of segregation or racism where she grew-up from. Perhaps she assumed that the way she was raised was the same for everyone around the world. She writes how the group, NWA, woke her up. To what exactly? The truth, which she wrote was revealed in her comment. The truth which she talks about, refers to the harsh reality of life expressed in NWA’s lyrics throughout each of their albums. This page is an avenue for fans to come and share, how this group inspired them, and introduced them to the truth. The woman mentioned in the quote did not grow up in Compton, or Harlem. She wasn’t raised in the “hood/ghetto”, she never had to deal with racism based on the mere fact that she is a minority; yet she was able to relate to the lyrics, to find the truth behind the words. That is the beauty of this Facebook page, connecting people from different backgrounds and opposite sides of the earth with one common interest. Evolution is a principle that has been around since the beginning of time. Majority of the things that we see, and use has

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