Body Cameras Should Not Be Used In The Police Force

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In 2014, Michael Brown, an African American teenager, was shot and killed by a police officer named Darren Wilson. However, he is not alone; many people have been hurt or killed by aggressive police officers in the past few years (Dudley 44). Because of this, many Americans are demanding body cameras for officers as a solution. Body cameras are small cameras that attach to an officer’s uniform and record everything that they do. Many people believe this will solve the problem with police officers and violence. However, after research, some are unsure (Dudley 43). Due to the ineffectiveness of body cameras to change behavior, differing perspectives and video bias, and privacy issues associated with them, body cameras should not be used in the police force.
Body cameras are unable to change the behavior of citizens and officers. Some argue against this, using the experiment of the Newcastle University of England; this experiment involved signs with eyes all around different spots in England, warning thieves not to steal bikes. It was reported that 62% fewer bikes were stolen in those places, singularly (Ripley). Those who want body cameras to be incorporated into the police force believe that they will lower the amount of violence in the police force by keeping an eye on the officers, making them behave better since they know they are being watched. However, the only way to permanently fix this issue is by making officers truly accountable, even though the cameras are helpful.

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