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Body Fuel – Dr. John Berardi - Avoiding The Plateau Hi class, Dr. John Berardi could have also named this video Cortisol. I was so amazed when I watched this video. I have been struggling, researching, and studying trying to understand cortisol and its effect on the body, specifically mine. Dr. Berardi says that having too much cortisol in your body can cause a plateau. I never looked up plateau because I didn’t know that the two were ever connected. I have done my research before about plateau and the do’s and don’ts to prevent them. However, Dr. Berardi has shown me that cortisol, hormones, and the plateaus are all connected. According to Clark, Sutton, & Lucett, (2014), “cortisol is typically referred to as a catabolic hormone”. When your …show more content…

I thought I was doing the right things to lose weight. I was really trying to be the best soldier I could be. I was motivated I had the drive and the will to make it and I looked up to my First SGT who was naturally fit and an excellent athlete. Months later I noticed that I was not losing any weight. Instead I was gaining weight, and having trouble sleeping. I also would be very moody and had difficulty staying calm. Everyone was looking at me like it was my fault and I wasn’t trying hard enough. So frustrated, I talked to every medical person I could get to. The doctors ran several test and the only thing that was not normal was my cortisol levels. My cortisol levels were sky high and at the time, I didn’t know what to do to fix that. So, I suffered from depression and anxiety. I tried several diets, no carbs, no sugar, no meat, I was being very careful of what I ate. I really wish I would of saw this video then, I might have been able to save my Army career. I struggled for years after that trying to lose the weight but nothing worked. I am excited to take this new information and implement it into my daily diet and training plans. When I think about these things I get very sad, but all I can do is be there for others and make sure they have someone who has knowledge on health and nutrition there to help. I don’t want anyone to suffer from lack of knowledge or lack of guidance and encouragement when it comes to fitness. This is my passion

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