Body Image Eating Disorders and Obesity by Thompson Essay

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The book breaks down the stereotype of what an eating disorder really is. In today’s society having an eating disorder means that you have some kind of “psychological frailty or illness” (1). When thinking about those that have eating disorders typically it is “young, middle to upper class, heterosexual white women” comes to mind (1). Their motivation is to take on the unrealistic appearance of models and reach the “standards created by advertisers and clothing designers” (1). The author in no regards is trying to down play women that have eating disorders because of the pressure of the media but is showing that there are other people and reasons for having eating disorders. This image that we currently have leaves out “women of color, working class women and lesbians” (1).
The majority of these women develop eating disorders as a result of, “racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, the stress of acculturation, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse” (2). Many of the women in this book have been raped, discriminated against and lived in violent households where they witnessed the father beating the mother. On average “one in every thousand women die from anorexia each year” (3). The main reason for this is, “heart and multiple organ failure” (3). The author uses the life of eighteen women from different backgrounds to explain how they began having eating disorders.
The book is separated by six sections. It starts off with stereotypes of eating disease orders, to how…